Healthy Nails - SNS

  • Contains nail-fortifying calcium and other minerals.
  • Long-lasting, ultra-glossy finish and plenty of colour choice.

BCL SPA (Organic Products)

  • One solution to meet your spa’s every need.
  • BCL SPA’s maintenance and treatment lines are the first all-in-one treatments for the hands, feet, and body with certified organic ingredients.


  • OPI is known for its bright and beautiful colors.
  • With nearly every color you can imagine and special products to make your manicure or pedicure last longer, OPI is the top choice for beautiful nails.


  • With CND™ products, nail and beauty professionals can discover endless possibilities to create stunning nail art designs, color layering options, fashion trends and enhancements.
  • Available in the world’s finest salons and spas.


  • Qtica is the most intense cuticle therapy for severely dry cuticles, damaged cuticles and hang nails.
  • Come see and feel the results instantly.


  • Cuccio natural treatment for hand and feet and body leaves skin extremely soft with a dewy finish.
  • Lasts five times longer than ordinary lotion.

Detox Spa

  • If you haven't tried the detoxification via a foot spa bath, you could be missing a very vital part of the beauty process.
  • Our detox foot spa bath is a natural way of helping your body to eliminate heavy metals, toxins, and other harmful matter...

Kiara Sky

  • Not only is it quick and easy to apply, each Kiara Sky gel polish is specially formulated to contain no harmful solvent, hence does not also have any unpleasant or string scent.
  • Long-lasting, ultra-glossy finish and plenty of colour choice.


  • Exceptionally vibrant colors and neutral favorites for all seasons and occasions.
  • Simpler, quicker and healthier nail application compared to tradition acrylic and liquid gel.

Tibetan Herbal Foot Spa

  • Relaxing, enjoyable plus many health benefits.
  • Excellent for people who experience (or are dealing with) stress, tension, high blood pressure, insomnia and fatigue.
We are committed to providing customers with a clean and hygienic salon experience. Our services and products emphasize on not just the beauty of your nails but also the health of your nails. We understand the only way to maintain beautiful nails overtime is to have healthy nails.

We use brand new nail files, buffers, and pumice stones for every client and discard after each use. We also use disposable liners in our pedicure bowl. All metal instruments used during your nail service have been sterilized in a hospital grade Autoclave. Implements are pre-cleaned with soap and water, dried, sealed into a sterilization envelope, and autoclaved. The autoclave subjects them to high pressure and saturated steam at 249°F. They remain sterile inside the envelope until your service begins.

All our products are "5 free," meaning they don't contain harsh substances commonly found in other nail polishes. It never uses formaldehyde (a carcinogen), formaldehyde resin (also a carcinogen), toluene (lung irritant), dibutyl phthalate (eye irritant), or camphor (skin irritant). You no longer have to worry about harmful fumes or skin irritants that are often found in other nail polishes.

We have always been the leader in honest, natural, clean and ethical manufacturing practices and always one step ahead to find the best ingredients in the world for your best nails & spa experience. We promise to use safe and pure ingredients.

No Parabens, No Phthalates, No Mineral Oil, No Synthetic Sulfate, No Triethanolamine, No Gluten
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